Artist Information


Truly living time as art .

Babalwa Tom is a multidisciplinary creative from Cape Town, seeing the magic in the illusion.

Offering her photography, illustration and paintings to be woven into the larger loom of reality, creating and co-creating patterns. Expressing how reality is generated in a recursive fashion. Using this insight and gift to illuminate many puzzles of social and culture artistic matter, through her visual art.

Babalwa Toms works are inspired by spaces and how the body and social perceptions interchanges in spaces and from spaces. How the body form and nature form is one connected energy. With artworks that capture these feelings to generate visual works of healing in a reflective manner as she sees her works as therapeutic pieces.

Curatorial work

2019-2020 Publisher, Author & Illustrator of Book 'Cosmic People' a short story & colouring-in book

2018Fiercepop, Agency producer and Digital Popup exhibition coordinator

2018 Newcastle Township Art Festival, Film program curator and festival producer

2017 Curator for Film programme at Avantgarde Festival, Schiphort, Germany

2017 Curatorial assistance and Exhibition installation with BLOCH, Com&Com, University of Johannesburg

2017 Curatorial Assistance with YARD (Artist residency) with Alma Martha at Erf81, Cape Town

2017 Curator and Project management for grooves + grows art collaboration event, ERF81 + tyisa nabanye, Cape Town

2017 Joe Bullet, Pop Up Cinema, Cape Town (organisation, production)

2014 Founder and Curator for Show & Tell, Artist and creative talks and popup exhibition series, Cape Town (2014 - 2016: 2 years running)

Exhibitions, Performance, Workshop, Collaborations

2020-2021 Curated online Digital print artworks with

2019 Aurum, Performance Art piece with Faith 47 at the Design Indaba. Stage assistant and dancer

2018 GUS Gallery, Liquid projection paint show and prop and performance art installation

2018 Muizenberg Festival, Babalwa Tom PopUp Theatre of Visual projection design and performance art piece

2018 Project Ripple Muizenberg, Babalwa Tom fire dance on opening night of Imaginarium gallery at the Muizenberg Festival

2018 Fiercepop pop up, Babalwa Tom exhibition and visual performance art with prop installation at Unknown Union

2018 Fiercepop and Pop Up Cinema, Visual Art and prop installation dance performance at Radisson Red Hotel

2018 Fiercepop pop up, Producer and curator at Homecoming Museum, exhibited Video Art Films of Naturajuxa

2018 N.U.D.E Collective pop up, Visual art projection and dance Performance installation

2017 BLOCH, with Com&Com, Trackside Creative Soweto (Kids Workshop facilitator and Fire Dance performance)

2017 BLOCH, with Com&Com, University of Johannesburg (Fire Dance performance)

2017 BLOCH, with Com&Com, ERF81 (Fire Dance performance)

2017 Curated Group exhibition grooves + grows which took place on Erf81 Farm. Digital photographic installation, Projection artworks, Sculpture installation, Fire Dance performance

2016 Fire Dance Performance Art

1000PrintsNofootPrints with Chris Auret and friends, Cape Town (Babalwa Tom, performance)